Andrea Gunnlaugson Furlan Media Reviews

Photo Credit: David Cooper

Company Lola Dance

“…one of Canada’s strongest contemporary dancers.”

  Michael Scott, Vancouver Sun


“…an exquisitely expressive performer.”

  Paula Citron, Dance International Magazine


“…the spectacular poise and musicality of Andrea Gunnlaugson.”

  Michael Scott, Vancouver Sun


“…a dashing performer.”

  Kaija Pepper, Dance International Magazine


“…an unusual looking dancer whose height is accentuated by unusually long, thin limbs and large, prominent joints and hands that make even the most banal gesture interesting to watch. It’s a look that is reminiscent of modern dance diva Peggy Baker, and Gunnlaugson is also like Baker in style, she’s another sculptor who carves her movements in space. Gunnlaugson has both the delicacy and precision of a trained ballet dancer, and the power and sense of weight associated with contemporary dancers, a combination that is bound to enhance any choreography.”

  Shannon Rupp, The Georgia Straight