I began adjudicating in 2006, varied Professional Arts Festivals across BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. I am honoured to participate, offer my opinion, and teach the next generation of performing artists and dance enthusiasts. 

“My first dance festival as a competitor was in the late 70’s, I remember being scared, excited and most of all proud to have an opportunity to grow and learn from the guest adjudicators. I was excited to meet dancers from other studios, share stories, watch others to be inspired by… Festival was always the ‘treat after the hard work’. To this day I still have every adjudication form from every festival I ever participated in. Merits, Awards, Scholarships and challenging criticisms, the unexpected, the hardships, the most rewarding developments for young artists.”

List of Previous Festivals:

2018: Adjudicated Ballet, Modern and Contemporary for The Performer Festival: Saskatoon, SK

2018: Adjudicated and Taught Ballet, Character, Modern, Contemporary, Kelowna Kiwanis Festival of the Arts- Kelowna, BC

2016: Adjudicator for Powell River, BC Dance Festival, all disciplines

2016: Adjudicator for North Island Festival of Performing Arts, Courtney, BC, Ballet, Modern, Contemporary and Lyrical

2013: Adjudicator for Castlegar Dance Festival, all Disciplines. Castlegar, BC

2013: Adjudicator for Penticton Kiwanis Festival of performing Arts, Ballet and Modern. Penticton, BC

2013: Adjudicator for Victoria Dance Festival, all disciplines. Victoria, BC

2013: Adjudicator for Prince George Dance Festival, Ballet, Modern and Contemporary. Prince George, BC

2011: Adjudicator for Manitoba Dance Festival, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ballet

2011: Adjudicator for North Island Festival of Performing Arts, Courtney, BC, Ballet, Modern, Contemporary and Lyrical

2010: Adjudicator for No Borders, Surrey Festival of Dance, Surrey, BC, mixed disciples

2010: Adjudicator for Synergy Dance Festival, Surrey, BC, mixed disciplines

2010: Adjudicator for Battleford Dance Festival, Saskatchewan, Ballet, folk, character, lyrical and show

2010: Adjudicator for Brandon Dance Festival, Manitoba, ballet, folk, character, lyrical

2007: Guest Judge for Surrey Youth Arts Council – all performing Arts

2007: Adjudicator for Upper Island Music Festival, Ballet/Modern/Character

2006: Adjudicator for Surrey Festival of Dance, Modern/Contemporary.