“Give yourself permission
to take time to breathe,
to live life,
to give,
to love,
to be present,
and to just be.”

 Welcome to Anda

Update March 24th, 2021

Spring renewal!

Such an honor and joy to have reconnected with so many of you over the last couple of weeks with the March Mobile Massage special! Thank you for your support, your energy and your enthusiasm.

Starting TOMORROW…March 25th, I will be renting the Plass office; upstairs at the Park Drive Church, 6570 Park Drive, Oliver, for a stationary massage practice until April 9th. S

I am offering Relaxation, Deep Tissue Massage and Reflexology sessions. All Covid19 protocols will be in place. In having a stationary location, it will afford me some extra time in my day to fit in additional sessions for you.

Why only until April 9th?

Last week I received a long awaited phone call from my Neurosurgeon’s office in Vancouver. As a lot of you know, especially with Covid, wait times and procedures, even appointments are backed up and often challenging. Needless to say- what went from a possible and expected long wait has become a sudden and exciting surprise. Just as I am getting back to you all and my precious work, I am called in for my next big adventure.

This is rather large procedure and I will be needing to plan on some serious recovery time afterwards.


My desire is to focus on YOU and work as much as I can before I go in. My energy is ready and fueled to nurture and hold your space for you. I highly recommend that you schedule yourself in for that treat that your body deserves!

If I don’t see or hear from you in the next couple of weeks- I sincerely look forward to reconnecting with you in the summer- or perhaps fall?

Please know that I do very much miss my work, my clients, my friends. I think of you all so much- looking forward to a time where we can all resume regular life and reconnect.

Andrea Furlan 


The logo you see designed here is an interpretation of the Sanskrit word for Breathe.

Anda is the Icelandic word for Breathe.

Andrea Gunnlaugson Furlan, owner and sole operator of Anda, is Icelandic and Anda just happens to be one of her nicknames.

Formally known as Doulandie for her massage and doula practice since 2009, Andrea this year decided to rebrand, expand and refocus her practice to grow along with her own life changes and experience.

Based in Oliver BC, Andrea runs Anda Massage from her home as well as teaching dance and stretch classes locally at Plass. She adjudicates Arts Festivals Across Canada and substitutes classes when needed in the South Okanagan.

Andrea Furlan Headshot

Photo Credit
Headshot (above): Peter Eastwood
‘Wings’ (below): Leza MacDonald

 “From the moment I walked into Andrea’s massage room I felt her great energy! Andrea’s knowledge of the body and how it works was very apparent in the treatment. I started out with a sore back and booked an hour massage and the work she was doing was so great I upped it to 90 minutes (thankful she had the time to do that). For anyone looking for some amazing healing hands Andrea is your girl!”

~Michelle Bell-Scanlon, Oliver BC, February 2018~

” I have had many massages from all different types of therapists.  Andrea has a true gift for healing the body. Her deep tissue massage has truly helped my body recover from several life altering injures. With consistent massage treatments I have regained mobility and have started to lead a pain free life”

~Jennifer Busmann~

“I highly recommend Anda Massage, Andrea is acutely skilled and professional. I can honestly say that I have never had a better massage! “

~Diane Gludovatz~

 “Andrea has an intuitive ability to track dysfunction in the body and give massages that help to relieve the accompanying discomfort.  And she does so in a manner that includes the client in becoming part of their own healing, if that is their choice. Her depth of knowledge about the aligned functioning of the body is exceptionally comprehensive. I highly recommend her massage treatments.”

~Marianne Macdonald~